To pass the Wicca 101 Course, you must submit test answers for each lesson.
You must also make a C or better on 4 out of 6 tests in order to pass the course and get your certificate.
Wiccan or Witch Test
This is a 40 question test. Each question is worth 2.5 points.
1. What is a Hidden Name?
2. Why do Native Americans feel offended by Anglos who refer to themselves by "Indian names"?
3. Which early sciences were considered "magic" and only known to temple priests? What were their countries of origin?
4. In traditional Wicca, Air is in the East. Why?
5. Why is Fire placed in the South?
6. From which star do Wiccans derive the modern colored Pentacle?
7. When was Druze founded?
8. What do the points of the Druze Star symbolize?
9. What is the Wiccan symbolism of the 5 points of the pentacle, including element and color correspondence?
10. What is the difference between the Druze Star and the Wiccan Pentacle?
11. What did the pentagram represent to the Babylonians?
12. Which Babylonian Goddess did the symbol represent?
13. What did the pentacle represent to the Sumerians?
14. What was the Greek word for the pentagram?
15. Which city used the pentagram on its official seal?
16. In Latin, Fiat Lux means what?
17. Which Greek philosopher believed that five was the number of man?
18. By what name do the Masons refer to Pythagoras?
19. The Greeks held the pentacle sacred to what Goddess?
20. Early Christians wore the pentacle as an emblem of what?
21. Which magician warned of the pentacle's misuse by "Black" magicians?
22. What did the pentacle symbolize to Pythagoras?
23. Who was Pythagoras' teacher?
24. By what name do the Masons refer to the pentagram?
25. Who was the 19th century magical scholar who first inverted the pentacle?
26. Which planet does the Eastern Star refer to?
27. Which biblical heroines are associated with the 5 points of the Eastern Star?
28. What is the origin of the Order of Eastern Star?
29. Why do some researchers believe that the Eastern Star originated as early as 1803?
30. Name the historical American structures whose designs are based on the pentagram.
31. When and where did the formation of the first Grande Lodge occur?
32. What Mason was the father of modern pantheism who also founded modern Druidism?
33. What presumed Mason wrote the Declaration of Independence?
34. What pentacle is the Satanic emblem based upon and who drafted it?
35. What mythological figure does the inverted pentagram represent?
36. Which style of Wicca uses the inverted pentacle as an emblem of its Second Degree?
37. What did post Christian Romans believe the pentacle illustrated?
38. What are the cornerstones of the Druze faith?
39. Which three religions/philosophies are the basis for Wicca?
40. What was the ancient Egyptian symbolism of the pentacle?
Bonus: Describe how you personally would set up an Altar.

Coven or Solitary Test
This is a 10 question test. Each question is worth 10 points.
1. What are some good reasons to join a coven?
2. What are some poor reasons to join a coven?
3. Why do cults exist?
4. What is the attraction of a cult?
5. What are the signs to watch for when joining a coven?
6. What is the pattern of cult indoctrination?
7. How do you identify a cult leader?
8. What is the difference between a legitimate church and a cult?
9. What sets a positive Wiccan group apart from a Wiccan Cult?
10. Why do some Wiccans believe that joining a coven is mandatory?

Magical Supplies Test
This is a 25 question test. Each question is worth 4 points.
1. Where can magical supplies be obtained?
2. How were early candles made?
3. Which was better beeswax or tallow and why?
4. In 17th Century Europe, what did state edicts control?
5. In 1809, an act of the English Parliament banned what?
6. When were matches invented and how did they improve the use of fire?
7. What was the most important discovery, when was the discovery made, and how did it revolutionize the candle industry?
8. List the most commonly used candle shapes and describe them.
9. List the colors and their correspondences.
10. Why should you substitute "high magic" herbs for those that are more common?
11. Give an example with explanations of the Latin botanical naming hierarchy.
12. Which part of the Latin name do you look at for determining magical substitutions?
13. What are the classifications of many "high order" magic herbs?
14. List 10 "high order" herbs and give their Latin names, beginning with the Genus.
15. List 11 spell purposes with the herbs that you would use for them. There can be no duplicates.
16. Name the basic ingredients used to make incense.
17. List 8 incense materials and state what each is used for.
18. For what purpose do we use aroma?
19. Name the different types of oil and state how they are different.
20. Name the two botanical oils that can be applied directly to the skin, undiluted.
21. Name three oils that are animal by-products which should be substituted with a synthetic.
22. What is a carrier oil?
23. List 9 carrier oils.
24. Which oil is not used as a carrier oil, or in Paganism in general and why?
25. List 7 magical stones and state what they are used for.

Working Tools Test
This is a 20 question test. Each question is worth 5 points.
1. Which working tools are ceremonial in nature?
2. Which tools are weapons?
3. Which tools are household items?
4. What was the Book used for?
5. Wicca was drafted into a religion from what?
6. The idea of the working tools in Wicca was probably taken from what book?
7. When was the book published and what was the subject matter?
8. What manuscripts was the book translated from?
9. Who applied the term, "Wicca" to ceremonial magic and called it a religion?
10. List the Greater working tools with their descriptions and state what they are used for.
11. What are the lesser working tools?
12. Why did common people have no need for parchment?
13. What other working tools were only used by magicians or scribes?
14. Why did primitive people wear jewelry?
15. In the first recorded healing practices, what were patients exposed to?
16. Name two herbs that are toxic when burned.
17. What is Lampblack?
18. What was the first botanical oil and how was it discovered?
19. Where does parchment come from?
20. List the lesser working tools and what they are used for.

Practical Magic Test
This is a 25 question test. Each question is worth 4 points.
1. What is a Book of Shadows?
2. List the Elements and their associations.
3. What are the fundamental basics of a ritual?
4. What is a circle?
5. Why do we cast a circle?
6. Cite the Wiccan Rede and give your own personal interpretation.
7. What is spell casting?
8. What can cause a spell to backfire?
9. What should you do when someone asks you to cast a love spell?
10. Why are love spells dangerous?
11. Why should the color red be avoided when dealing with matters of the heart?
12. List the different types of spells.
13. How would you cast a spell? List the order of operations and give an incantation. Do not copy one of mine!
14. What is the purpose of divination?
15. List the different types of divination and describe each one.
16. What are the two types of magic?
17. How does lunar magic work?
18. Give examples of working with opposing energies during the waxing and waning phases.
19. List all of the moon phases and describe them.
20. How does the zodiac influence lunar energy?
21. What does skyclad mean?
22. When was the term "skyclad" first used and by whom?
23. What is a familiar?
24. Why do some non-Pagans consider a Pagan's animal companion to be an evil spirit in disguise?
25. Write a complete ritual in your own words--not just a spell.

Sabbats Test
This is a 40 question test. Each question is worth 2.5 points.
1. What Persian Sun God was celebrated on December 25th?
2. When was Christmas first celebrated?
3. Which Christian sect refused to celebrate Christmas as late as 1740?
4. Why are evergreens chosen as the trees of the Yule/Christmas season?
5. Why were bells hung from the branches of these trees?
6. What is the name of a classic holiday movie that reflected this Pagan belief with the phrase, "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings".
7. What does Imbolc represent?
8. What popular myth announces the arrival of spring?
9. What does the word, "Oimelc," mean?
10. What Sanskrit word was the origin of the name Brighid?
11. Which Irish figure named the season in the medieval tale 'Tochmarc Emire'?
12. What does the word "Imbolc" mean and why?
13. Which Saxon Goddess was Ostara named for?
14. What happens during the Vernal Equinox and what popular urban legend tests it?
15. How is the date for Ostara/Easter determined?
16. What do we celebrate on Ostara/Easter?
17. What Ostara/Easter practice predates Christianity by 1000 years?
18. Which word did the Irish Celts use in reference to both a lunar and solar festival?
19. What does the word "Beltane" mean?
20. What is a "merry beggot"?
21. When was Beltane celebrated?
22. What do we celebrate during the Summer Solstice?
23. How is this holiday celebrated by Christians?
24. How is John the Baptist associated with Paganism?
25. What is the "marching watch"?
26. 'Lammas' is a medieval Christian name meaning what?
27. The 'nasad' or games of Lugh were held in honor of whom?
28. What does Lammas represent?
29. What does the word, "mabon" mean?
30. What does Mabon foster?
31. According to the Welsh myth, what happens to Modron's son, Mabon after his birth?
32. What is the Christian name for Mabon?
33. What does the word, "samhain" mean?
34. When is Samhain celebrated?
35. Why did people carry carved gourds during Samhain?
36. What is the Christian equivalent of Samhain?
37. What occurs during Samhain?
38. What is a popular Samhain tradition?
39. What is a popular activity during Samhain?
40. What did the Irish use to ward off spirits during Samhain, and what American gourd replaced it?

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