To pass the Advanced Working Tools Course, you must submit test answers for each section.
You must also make a C or better on 7 out of 10 questions in order to pass the course and get your certificate.

The goal here is to test your knowledge gained from experience, not just from reading the lesson material.  I want to know how you have improvised and what you have learned from making your own tools.  What materials did you use or how did you acquire them? The only way to fail this test is by copying verbatum from the lesson material.
Advanced Working Tools Test
This is a 10 question test. Each question is worth 10 points.
1. Describe how to make an athame, bioline, or sword.
2. Describe how to make a bell.
3. Describe how to make ceramic or pottery.
4. Describe metal casting or another method of working with metal.
5. Which working tools can be made with metal, ceramic, or clay and describe the process for making each.
6. Describe how to make a pentacle.
7. Describe how to make a besom.
8. Describe how to make a scroll, a stylus, and a book.
9. What are the alternate materials for making a thurible? Describe how to make one.
10. Describe how to make a staff and a wand.

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